Factors To Consider When Sending Parcels To Australia

One’s interest when sending a parcel is for it to arrive safely and on time to the destination. In some instances, sending a package to the Australia may be the beginning of expanding your business in the country. As people start purchasing your product online and requesting for the product to be shipped to your location your business goods and services expands to the new territory. Click here on how you can send or receive parcels to Australia.



4 colored boxes graphicAs the package is leaving one country to another the issues of customs cannot be neglected. You, therefore, required to declare the goods that you have the size, weight, etc. and your purpose for shipping them to Australia. By giving your rights declaration, you are a step further to getting clearance at the border (customs clearance). You may, therefore, get an agent to hasten the process of sending the parcel. An attorney may also assist with ensuring that a sensitive right (temperature sensitive or perishable e.g. flowers) gets to Australia in a timely manner.

Importance of an agent

The taxation system of most countries differs, and Australia is no exception. The agent will, therefore, assist you with the details of the tax in the country and what the package you are delivering will attract regarding sales.

Time factors

There is also the time factor. When you are shipping an item to Australia, you have to factor in the timing of the issue. This is because the timing zone of the world are different so the item may arrive before the due date or earlier because of anticipation. You may also want to send an item express (in the shortest time possible) which will cost more than waiting to deliver the item on time.

Restricted goods

You will also need to factor in the restricted goods and the prohibited goods. This is because if the items that you are transporting are not allowed in the country, then they may not get access. You have to confirm with the list before embarking on the shipping journey.


brown box graphicPricing is also important. Most courier companies measure pricing versus the weight and overall parcel dimensions. Therefore, consider the price points before packing, and you may save a little depending on the cost of packaging the materials as a dimension is a key factor in pricing. Thus you may play around with the sizes.

You also have to pack the package yourself and do the labeling. By doing so, you will avoid the box from getting lost and getting damaged during handling. If you label the box correctly, you also prevent the customs department from opening the package to confirm what it is that you have kept inside.