Tips on choosing your exterior house paint

The exterior paint of your house is very important. You need to be careful when choosing the exterior of your house because it provides the first impression. Dunwoody Exterior Painting offers you different options. When people come to your house, the first thing that they see is the exterior paint, and you need to make sure that you make a good choice. There are many options to make when it comes to the exterior of your house. It is important to choose a durable color because you might not get the time or the money to repaint your house all the time.

Choosing exterior paint

Weather in your area

The weather in your area will determine the exterior paint that you choose. You need to remember that the exterior paint is exposed to all the weather elements and you need to choose the type of paint that can be able to withstand all the weather elements. In areas where the temperatures are hot, consider a paint that can withstand cracks and won’t flack due to the high temperatures. In the low-temperature area, it is important to consider the type of paint that will resist mold and moisture.

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When it comes to exterior paint, creating contrast is very important. It is advisable to make sure that you use at least three colors for the exterior. You need the dominant color, the color of the shingles and one more color. The idea is to create contrast in the three colors. For instance, the dominant color should be different from the color of the roof and the color of the shingles. The beauty comes from the contrasting colors.

Current trends

The current trends have an effect on the paint that you choose for the exterior of your house. You don’t want to choose outdated paints for your house. For instance, in the modern day, people are focused on neutral and earth colors. According to modern trends, the bright colors are no longer common. People prefer colors that have a warm feeling.

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Personal preference

Your personal preference is also important when it comes to choosing your exterior paint. It is important to choose a paint that will reflect your preference the effect that you want to achieve. We have matte paints, semi-matte paints, and even the glossy paints. All these paints are meant to bring out a specific type of feeling.