Health Benefits Of Honey

Honey over time has won the hearts of many. Not only has it been used as a sweetener for the longest time possible but also it has been found to offer many nutritional benefits. Mostly, it is used in its raw form which helps extend its shelf life. Research shows that honey contains more than 600 compounds whereby the basic makeup of one tablespoon contains up to 64 calories, all of this being fat and cholesterol free. Here are some benefits honey has to offer with regard to health.

Top health benefits of honey

Reduces chances of getting cancerpink ribbon graphic

This alternative sweetener is the best there is. Reason being that this product is not at all like processed sugar which plays a significant role in causing cancer. In fact, honey contains carcinogen-preventing properties which help fight cancer. Its ability to fighting off the growth of tumors is accredited to the phenolic and flavonoid compounds found in the natural honey which makes it a super food. Although the research is still being conducted to prove this, the current findings are still very encouraging. With that said, it is very much advisable to consume raw honey regularly, to fight off diseases.

Lessens the effects of allergies

Honey is known to soothe coughs due to its anti-inflammatory effects. Allergies are caused by allergens such as pollen which honey contains though in little amounts. This pollen when introduced to a person who is allergic, makes their body release antibodies to the pollen but since they are in little amounts in the honey, little or sometimes no effects are felt. Continuous exposure to honey will make the body accustomed to the pollen and in turn lead to a lesser histamine release. This will altogether lead to a lesser effect to an allergy.

Improves one’s memory

magnifying glass graphicNectar contained in honey is filled with antioxidants. This help sustains brain cells that deal with memory. Better yet, honey helps in the absorption of calcium needed by the brain to process thought and make decisions. As one age, memory loss becomes more of reality since most of the brain cells are worn out and dying, it is, therefore, advisable to take foods such as honey which help boost one’s memory.

All-natural energy provider

Honey provides an outstanding source of energy. Just one tablespoon of honey containing 17 grams of carbohydrates, providing an excellent source of natural energy. The natural sugar is directly absorbed into the bloodstream supplying a quick boost of energy which can act as a short-term energy source useful for your workout. Honey contains natural sugars of fructose and glucose which play an important role in boosting and preventing muscle fatigue. It is probably one of the best drinks to have with you when doing your workouts or even when training for a physical event.

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Benefits Of Sports

If you are an athlete then you are at a good place in life if not, consider engaging in sports and any other physical activity. This is because people who engage in sports irrespective of what kind of sports have the edge over those who do not exercise. You don’t have to join sports competitively but make it as one of your hobbies. Sports and any other form of physical activity have been credited with helping in maintaining good health, boost self-esteem, and bring up good leadership qualities and many others.

Top benefits of sports

Improves your moodtrjdfrsetdrfhrjrtdy

When you engage in any physical activity, be it sports, working out at home, at the gym or taking a walk. You will realize with time that you will feel happier relaxed and your overall mood will improve. This is because the brain releases chemicals that rejuvenate the body when it senses any physical activity. Try practicing team sports and challenge yourself physically for better health at the same time creating a bond with your teammates.

Boosts self-esteem

A lot of people have been able to boost their self-esteem through sports and other forms of physical activities. Choosing a sport you like and excelling in it can be encouraging. Most professional athletes have confessed that sports have helped them be more bold and confident. If you can have the discipline to achieve anything in sports, then anything outside the sports setting won’t be hard for you.

Improve your sleeping habit

ttykytdyfugdtkygSports people and those that engage in any form of physical activity usually have good quality sleep. If you have been struggling to sleep or take time before you sleep, getting active in sports will help you fall asleep faster. Having enough sleep can be beneficial to you mentally and your general body as well. Find the best time to exercise. However, avoid practicing too late into the evening as you might find it hard to sleep due to much energy.

Health benefits

Engaging in any form of sports will reduce your chances of getting sick by up to 20%. People who struggle with weight issues are always advised to join sports. Sports will be the best natural solution for you to get fit and have that desirable body you have always wanted. Sports will drastically reduce your chance of getting cardiovascular diseases and some other form of cancer. Sports will save you a lot of finance that you would need to visit a doctor.